10% Off In House Business Cards

10% off In-House Business Cards

10% off in-house full color business cards until the end of December. Business cards from B-W Graphics are printed on a heavy weight 12pt C1S Gloss paper stock sure to make your cards stand out from the rest of your competition.

“Great Quality at a Great Price!”

What information should you include on your business card?

  • Company Logo – If you have a logo be sure to place it somewhere on your cards to assist in brand awareness.
  • Contact Name – Be sure to include a contact name for your business so that when your card is picked up they’ll have a specific person to call and speak with about your products or services.
  • Phone Number – Give your contact the correct number to call.
  • Fax Number – If you have a fax number be sure to include that on your card as well. The more contact information you can give your customer the better results you’ll receive.
  • E-Mail – E-Mail addresses are a huge advantage in today’s modern world. Most everyone uses e-mail to communicate and the best part is you have a conversation chain to refer back to when an order for your product or service is placed.
  • Address – If you have a store front include your address so that your customers can come and check out your business for themselves.
  • Promo Code – If you want to offer first contacts a special on your products and services include that on the back of your cards as an incentive for the contact to reach out to you and your business.

We look forward to working with you on your next full color business card project and we know that our professionally finished business cards will help you succeed!